Who and what is Frank?

Frank - (adjective)  - open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, especially when dealing with unpalatable matters.

Frank is a man and company, simply put. One that is dedicated to living up to it's name. A creative, looking to live vulnerably, in authentic community. One looking to craft exactly what frank means. Honest, direct, and authentic art. 


"We were together.

I forget the rest."

— walt whitman


Frank Daley

(Proper noun)

U.S.A. native, raised in the heart of the south; born of a Lion, and sired by the wings of an eagle. A man un-like any other, one that is unique. One raised with okra-hospitality, and with "Yes, m'am", and "No, sir's" at every question.

A man that has captured elopements, love, and has traveled the lengths on the Earth on a metal tin can in the air; wandering to and fro, loving every second of it. Photographing and documenting the stories of couples and love in the Middle East, Central America, and Carribean.